How To Use Tinder Like a SweetTalker

When browsing through the different profiles it’s okay to be a tough critic because you deserve the best, even online.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Tinder is a location-based mobile app that is primarily used for dating. Regular Tinder calls for you to spend hours on the app swiping in order to match on anyone. The worst part is that you can’t see the next person(s) card until you swipe left or right on the current card shown. What a waste of a woman’s precious time being that 3/4 of the people are seemingly not worth while.

Tinder gold eliminates most of the time wasting issues that the basic Tinder presents. With Tinder gold you can still swipe like normal on cards if you enjoy it. They even allow you to reverse swipes if you make a mistake. But the real treat is that tinder lays out all the cards that have swiped right on you! This means that any potential that you see, if you swipe right you are immediently matched.

For example: If 1200 men swipe right on me, rather than having to swipe left and right to get to the next one I can scroll down all 1200 and simply select who I may want to give a chance. You save a world of time. Where I used to spend 30 minutes to an hour or so on Tinder, I now spend about 10 minutes to 15 minutes max.


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Profile Tips:

When doing your profile you can never have too many photos. You should use at least 4 but Tinder allows up to 9. When choosing your photos look for ones that show your personality. One that shows your beautiful face, one that tastefully shows your figure, one smiling, and your favorite.

When typing your bio share your confidence, interest, goals, and maybe a joke. Just be yourself and if you aren’t great at bios write it down. It helps to remove the mind from your screen. It’s okay to hint that you are interested in someone that can help “cultivate” you. Use a thesaurus to help you expand on your vocabulary so that the hinting is tasteful.


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Search Tips:

When browsing through the different profiles it’s okay to be a tough critic. You deserve the best so don’t settle, especially not online. Check to see if their age and distance is showing. If either one is hidden then you know they pay for a premium tinder account It is a plus to know that they don’t mind paying for the best experience, even if it’s on a dating app. If they only have one picture it should be a picture of something that peaks your interest. I think blank profiles show that the person lacks dedication. Why create a Tinder profile just to leave it empty? Double NO if there is one photo and no bio. The only time this is okay to swipe right on, is if you believe they didn’t load a photo for privacy reasons. It happens sometimes but you just have to use your mind as a guide for that one. When browsing the photos they selected for their profile, check for consistency in the background. Check the background as a whole and gauge their career to your needs.


Men always seem to take photos in their cars. If you see a car photo, check the roof of the car to see if it’s newer or older. The car doesn’t make the man but it sure is more fun to ride in style.

Lastly, look for key words in their bio that can tell you about their personality. Decode it! You can tell if they are generous, crazy, sweet, judgmental, a starving artist or whatever else.

Don’t swipe thoughtlessly. If there was ever a good time to be sherlock holmes, this is it.


Landing The Date:

So, when you think the potential catch is worth actually meeting up with, the first step should be moving from Tinder to SMS (or iMessage). If you are thinking of going on a date then this person may at least be worth a number exchange…plus you can always block them if it doesn’t work out. When arranging the date it’s okay to take charge. Pick the restaurant you love or one you’ve always wanted to try. You can also consider a lunch date to keep the mood light and upbeat. Plus I favor dates that end in shopping so lunch is perfect for that. You can also get creative and set the date at a museum or somewhere of shared interest. Set the date up so that the potential is eager for the second one even if there won’t be a second date. The goal is shoot for a date that will allow you to showcase your best qualities. So pick something that you will enjoy. Happiness is contagious. 

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