How Exploring Your Sensuality Can Power Up Your Sexuality

Getting in sync with your your sensuality is a sensational task.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Sensuality is the nature of how in tune you are with your senses — sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. It opens a powerful gateway to experiencing our raw emotions. Accessing our sensuality allows us to feel deeply connected to ourselves and to others. In order to connect with your sensuality you would need to connect with your surroundings and whole self first.

While sensuality may be often confused with sexuality, the two are pretty different. Sensual experiences do not have to lead to sexual ones. However getting in tune with your sensuality can improve or heighten your sexual experiences. Without the practice of intentionally savoring sensations in our bodies, we can fall into the habit of using our bodies as goal-oriented instruments. This can lead to sexually-repressive practices, which can cause a disconnect from the enjoyment of sex.


What would you rate your sex drive to be?

Sexuality includes feeling aroused, turned on, horny, and a physical desire for sexual stimulation. However, we can neglect and overlook the feelings associated with sex.  In fact, women can have sex without being turned on.

In our community it is easy to lose the organic feel of your sexuality and getting connected with your sensuality can help you regain or keep the arousing sensations sex should bring. If you find yourself struggling with sexual enjoyment, connect with your senses regularly and intentionally. 

Below you can find some ways to explore your senses. You might be surprised that the list contains actions we do daily, but this time, the goal is to do these actions thoughtfully.



Listen to a guided meditation.

Listen to music from different cultures.

Play an orchestra sound track.

Play an instrument and feel each sound.

Sit in silence and enjoy the sounds around you.

Play a song you love and sing along.


Paint freely without criticism.

Sit outside and watch nature or the cars drive by.

Blow bubbles outside.

Sit at cafe and people watch.

Watch your children or pets play.

Watch a sunrise or sunset.

Play a song you love and sing along.


Light your favorite candles.

Put essential oils in a diffuser.

Enjoy a bubble bath with your favorite scents (oils, herbs, bath bombs, salts).

Cook with aromatic herbs and spices.

Go to a coffee shop and enjoy the smells.

Skip the perfume and enjoy your natural smells.


Have warm tea.

Eat exotic fruit and enjoy the experience.

Visit a restaurant with cuisine not native to your own.

Eat fresh baked desserts.

Have your partner feed you.

Have freshly juiced shots (pineapple, ginger, lemon).


Get your partner to give you a massage using oils.

Sit in the sun and enjoy how it feels on your skin.

Go to a yoga class.

Caress yourself slowly and notice which areas spark your most.

Finger Paint.

Wear silky garments.

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