Is "spoiled girlfriend" just a fancy word for sugar baby?

These two dating styles seem similar to the outside eye, but we know otherwise.

by: Let's Sweet Talk
by: Let's Sweet Talk

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Being a writer for a blog on the importance of dating with purpose, I get this question often. It is usually fueled by the curiosity of the taboo lifestyles. While they both may receive some frowns and unwarranted judgement, in short, the answer is no. These two dating styles seem similar to the outside eye,  but I’ve seen otherwise.

Do you believe spoiled girlfriends and sugar babes are one in the same?

Not every girl holding a man’s hand, that’s twice her age, is a “sugar baby”. Nor is every girl being shown the finer things in life.  This is something society hasn’t quite grasped yet. There are an abundance of reasons to date someone older than you, not all of them financial. So if you see a girl walking with a middle aged man, it’s polite not to assume you know the bases of their relationship. Am I right? While I stan both of these types of relationships, Im going to break down some of the differences. 


I’m all here for this sugar baby lifestyle awareness!

A spoiled girlfriend, hence the name, is a lavishly spoiled girlfriend. These relationships are often monogamous, much like any other girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. The main difference between a spoiled girlfriend and a regular one is the way her partner handles her needs and wants. ‘Spoiled girlfriend’ relationships usually involve a man that is a giver in most aspects of the relationship. He considers his girlfriend’s desire for every decision he makes. Dinner, travel, shopping, concerts, dates on the town, dates indoors, random flowers, and surprises which leave little time for a dull moment, are all ways spoiled girlfriends are lavished.

If you ask me, I’d say these men understand how to go above and beyond. My favorite part about these relationships is that the boyfriend usually has a genuine interest in seeing his girlfriend do well in life, even if they don’t last until the happily ever after.Some spoiled girlfriends stumble into the lifestyle by mistake and others entered the lifestyle based on the standards they uphold. Either way, once you see how great a man can treat you, you’ll never settle for less.


Now, on the other hand, sugar babies engage in some type of arrangement with their partner; and unlike spoiled girlfriends, monogamy is not expected. The terms of the mutually beneficial relationship are usually discussed in the early stages of the relationship. The pair lay down the expectations they have for one another, as well as what they can offer to the relationship. Arrangements are usually broken down into four different types: allowance, receiving gifts, experiences + travel, and mentorships. If you start receiving all four from one person, chances are, he’s your boyfriend and no longer just your sugar daddy.


Something else to note is that sugar babes can come in all ages even though it’s common that they are younger. I consider sugar babies to be the newbies of dating with standards. They start with a heavy focus on arrangements then eventually they begin to just set those standards in their everyday dating life. This is when they start dating partners that add value to their current place in life and realize that money is only one of many valuable things you can experience while dating.

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