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Heaux Bag Essentials For Your Next Night Away From Home

These heaux bag essentials will leave you feeling prepared for anything during your night away from home.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Whether impromptu or planned, packing a heaux bag for an all nighter has all the advantages sis. We’ve all had nights away from home — both planned and unplanned. But let us tell you if you didn’t already know; nights away from home are so much easier with the perfect heaux bag. Check out what what’s in our heaux bag!

And yes, it’s spicy.

Staying Fresh

Keeping up with B.O and oral care is a must even if you aren’t waking up in your own place. So be sure that your bag has a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. You can stock up on these minis at your local Target or dollar store.  If you want to pack more than just these bare necessities you can include mouthwash, lotion and deodorant in your bag too.  


Mini items are also great to give to your guest if they forgot their heaux bag.

Natural Bedtime Beauty

When the night is ending and it’s time to relax you’ll want to have your makeup wipes handy. Fresh skin is a must and removing the makeup is a major key to healthy skin. Also hair ties and a comb just incase you want an impromptu up-do.


Getting Frisky

If your night out has the chance of getting you some bedroom action, then make sure you bring your own condoms. Nothing kills the mood more than not having protection when you need it. If you like to get a little frisky in the bedroom, you can add a bullet vibrator and some good lube to your bag.

Do you like sex toys in the bedroom?

Last But Not Forgotten

While packing your bag double check for your must haves like your phone charger. We like to also toss in our headphones, some headache meds, and mints just incase we need a freshener. 

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