Bad Sex? Next time bring your toys

A guide on shopping for and using sex toys in the bedroom when the sex just *isn’t that good*.

🔥🔥 This article is very spicy so hold on to your La Perla panties

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Bad sex is not as uncommon as everyone makes it seem. I hear countless stories of good sex while I can barely squeeze a bad sex story, in all it’s awkwardness, out of a friend. I just want to let you know that it’s okay— sometimes bad sex happens to good people. What’s most important is that you don’t just settle for bad sex. Life is too short for sex you could have gone without. Next time you have a scheduled randevu with your ‘not so great at sex’ partner, introduce a sex toy (or a few) to spice things up 🥵.


I was never very interested in sex toys. Especially not enough to bring them to bed during my bang sessions. It wasn’t until I met my last partner that I realized how magnificent sex toys are or how much better they are when someone else is controlling it. Can you imagine? All the vibe fun without any of the work it takes to hold it yourself. Not only does that give you a better chance to enjoy the sensations, but it also allows the vibration to hit only one spot of your body, rather than two. Here are some basic sex toys that could save your next dick appointment from being a total dick-saster.

illustration of dildo

The Dildo

Meet the distant cousin of your vibrating dreams. The dildo may seem like a rather straight forward approach to fixing bad sex since it is basically a dick that you have all creative control over. Although it’s missing the high-tech vibration settings we see on a lot of toys these days, this classic will always have a place in many bedrooms. When finding the right dildo for you material is important. I must stress the importance of having a dildo that is of good quality. Some materials for dildos include phthalates, which are chemicals that are added to some plastics to increase their flexibility and softness. According to Paisley Gilmour of Vice, FDA testing has shown that prolonged exposure to phthalates is suspected to cause several health problems that we just don’t want to test out.


Dildos with suction cup bases are fire and may result in a google search to figure out if it’s possible to marry your sex toy.

Also, if you plan to use your dildo with multiple partners, you’ll want to have a material that is non-porous such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Silicone can be a little pricey, but when it comes to your vag, quality shouldn’t be skimped on. Silicone comes in various densities that usually range between very firm and very soft. If you’re into a modern dildo that doubles as an art piece, you might want to consider glass or stainless steel. When shopping, be sure to find the best size for you. You may also want to consider the shape, smoothness, and the curve of the toy as no two vaginas are identical.

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PALOQUETH Flexible G Spot Dildo


CCHW Glass Dildo



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illustration of a wand vibrator

The Vibrator

Now introducing, the holy grail of sex toys ladies and gentlemen. We wouldn’t be alone if we said vibrators were our go-to sex toy, for solo and couple’s play. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and focal point stimulators. Our favorites styles are the wands, bullets, and oral sex vibes. Wand vibrators have a mushroom-shaped dome, which all the vibrator’s power is focused into. This is what makes them so good for clitoral stimulation.

Also, when shopping, they usually have the word massager attached to them, which makes it great for ordering discreetly online. Bullet vibrators are life-changing toys that fit in the palm of your hand (and better yet, in your purse🙌). Bullets are designed solely for external stimulation — they’re simply too small for internal. What’s best about bullets is that they don’t get in the way and can be used to stimulate the clitoris while bae handles the penetration.

Don’t worry that using a vibrator regularly will overstimulate your clit or mess with your ability to come with a good, old-fashioned penis—that’s a myth

Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand Massager


Tracey's Dog Clit Massager

Tracey's Dog Rechargeable Waterproof Clit Massager


illustration of blindfold

The Blindfold

Using a blindfold in the bedroom is a great way to spice up bad sex with your partner. If trust isn’t an issue, you can use the blindfold on your partner and take control. However, if you’d like to surrender control without any inhibitions, then wearing the blindfold is an erotic experience. Shutting down one of your senses intensifies the others, so even a simple touch may come as an electric surprise. The blindfold will help slow your partner down, give them a chance to explore your body, and what you enjoy without the pressure of the eye to eye contact.

Soft Satin Blindfold


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