Gift Ideas For Mother's Day Under $125

Surprising your mom during Mother’s Day this year may be difficult to do, but we’ve come up with some gift ideas that can brighten up her quarantine.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and surprising mom in person may not be the easiest thing to do thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. So if you usually procrastinate, even on holidays, you may want to kick the old habit since shipping your Mother’s Day gift can easily be delayed. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. Perfect doesn’t have to mean expensive, and it also does not mean bending over backward during a pandemic to surprise your bomb ass mom (because she understands).

This year we have time to plan out a thoughtful Mother’s Day. You can write a heartfelt letter and include something memorable in the package, or you can order something she’s been talking about and have it delivered. If you are drawing a blank on creative gifts to send your mom, that’s okay too. We’ve thought up a list of awesome gifts to brighten up your mom’s quarantine.


In honor of the mom that sets the vibes by lighting candles

mother day gift - diptyque candle

Diptyque Rose Candle

Rather than sending flowers this year, this rose-scented candle will illuminate the May vibes throughout your mom's home. Not to mention it will last longer than roses, and she can repurpose the glass after the wax has burned out.


Diptyque Affiliate Note

On orders of $100 or more, enter the code MOM20 to receive two deluxe samples of diptyque’s award winning fragrances. Check out Diptyques Mother’s Day gift guide for more Diptyque gift ideas.


In honor of the mom who was Netflix and chilling way before quarantine even started

Eberjey Gisele PJ Set

Being cozy at home is now more significant than ever with the amount of lounging we are doing during the quarantine. Treat your mom to a new sleepwear set so she can dance around the house on her way to the couch in style.



In honor of the mom that likes to keep the house organized

Williams Sonoma OXO Pop Containers

If your mom does not already own five sets of these pop containers, then she's been missing out. These clear, modular food containers are an organizer's dream. Say goodbye to pasta boxes and say hello to pasta containers. 💁‍♀️




In honor of the hard-working mom that lunches on the go

Mother's day - Gift Box

Crate And Barrel Mom On The Go Gift Set

Gift boxes are great fun to receive, but they are even better when they contain useful items. Crate and Barrel designed this box for moms on the go, and it is going to jazz up bring-from-home lunches and break time snacks.

Okay mom with the mint, lemon, and hibiscus water. You better slay!



In honor of the mom that looks half her age and glows it

Mother's day - glossier skincare

Glossier Skincare Set

I'm not sure how up to date our moms are on the latest skincare brands, but Glossier is worth the introduction. They create gentle, clean, straight-forward skincare products. They are committed to being cruelty-free, so you'll never have to worry about any animal testing for your mom's beautiful skin.


Glossier Affiliate Note

I actually use these products on my face and they are great for a daily skincare routine. Get 10% off of your Glossier orders by using my code


In honor of the classic mom that is as delicate as a flower

Mother's day -Wonder Roses

Wonder Roses Preserved Roses

Let's be honest. Roses are just expensive, especially for their lifespan of what, about five days? To get the best bang for your buck, you should consider getting your mom a box of preserved roses. If you aren't looking to spend $300 on roses, then you should check out 'Wonder Roses,' a company on Etsy. I have yet to try them out, but the reviews speak for themself.



In honor of the mom with a green thumb

CB2 Brass Watering Can

A modern watering can is the best gift for the chic mom that has the power to grow a beautiful garden from seeds. This brass watering can from CB2 is beautiful yet practical, and she'll never have to worry about hiding it.


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