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The New Sugar Dating — Global Pandemic Style

COVID-19 has changed the dating game for everyone, sugar sister’s included.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Dating has drastically changed over the past few months, and people aren’t sure when things will get back to the way they were or if they ever will. It’s the sad truth of the new decade, so where does that leave everyone that considered dating an income?

Have you been on a date during Covid-19? (Virtual or IRL)

Although face-to-face interactions are on pause, dating is not. It’ll just require a little bit of creativity and open-mindedness to get the ball rolling again. If you were thriving on dating apps before the pandemic, then you are in safe waters; but make room for the rest of us because digital dating is the new norm.


First, if you aren’t on a dating app yet, get on one today. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, and Happn are just a few of the many dating apps. If one dating app doesn’t spark any interest in you, then do a little research to find one that is more your style. They have a dating app for everyone in every community. Even some of the older platforms, like Seeking, could make a comeback during the Coronavirus because, like it or not, men will go to what is familiar.

When you connect with someone, these are some things to do during the pandemic to set the tone:

Have a virtual dinner date

Just because you can’t go to your favorite restaurants in real life doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a candlelit meal together. Suggest that they take you to dinner on a video call. That way, some of the chivalrous acts your date gets to display in real life can still be shown. Make the virtual date unique by playing soft music in the background, setting the mood with the lighting, and, most importantly, getting glammed up.


Create Anticipation

Use this time away to build up the anticipation of getting together after the pandemic. Share photos of you doing solo activities during the day like the ‘post-workout smoothie’ photo or a quick selfie of you Netflix and chilling all by your lonesome. Flirty messages, fun videos that show your personality, and real-time updates are always great to keep your quarantine fling going.

Deep Conversations

A lot is going on in the world right now. Have some intense and stimulating discussions. Now is a great time to show him how well you communicate and listen. It will also give you a space to talk about how you are doing during COVID. Be open-minded during the conversation since this pandemic has taken a toll on many people. Finances could be weighing heavy on you while family and home life could be weighing on them. Show how supportive you can be when they start to share and let you in on their thought process.

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