Anxiety from COVID-10

Do these if you have anxiety from being indoors

If you are getting anxiety from your new and unexpected COVID-19 routine, being indoors could be the reason.

By: Let's Sweet Talk
By: Let's Sweet Talk

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Okay, so it’s time to admit that what I once thought was the perfect COVID routine now feels like I’m in the middle of a monotone movie. Days are starting to run together, which is messing up my sleep schedule, giving me anxiety, and changing the way I usually feel about Fridays. Also, the four day weekend we just had, yeah, didn’t even register since the entire week is basically the weekend.

And since we’re being honest, my body goals have yet to show up, and my hair care routine isn’t as easy as it looked on youtube. Oh, and I can’t be the only one feeling heavily tired after I decided to do something significant on my to-do list. I mean, it’s just not as exciting as it was 60 days ago.

Our pandemic systems should not come with anxiety, so don’t freak out if yours is starting to get to you. Just do these little activities to shake up the flow. They are guaranteed to put you in a better mood.




Take time out of your day to get your body moving. A fun (and cheap) way to do this is by dancing to your favorite songs, whether you play happy tunes like ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina Waves or put on a full Rihanna throwback concert.


I’m pretty sure your body could use a good stretch after being in the same positions every day. Hand, neck, back, shoulder, and quad stretches are screaming your name. You can use your wall to help you or pull up a youtube video on Vinyāsa flow yoga and hit a Chaturanga Dandasana mid-stretch.

If you want to really get moving, then how about hopping on wheels? Yes, invest in some roller skates (or blades) and go for a glide in your neighborhood. Skating to your favorite tunes can also inspire some creative movement. Plus, it’s just something sexy about swaying your body on some brand new purple beach bunny roller skates.



Play Audio Books

Reprogram your thoughts by playing an audiobook. Listening to someone else’s voice can help settle your everyday thoughts while giving you new ones.  Also, who doesn’t want to read with their eyes closed?

Listen To TED

If listening to an audiobook sounds like a good idea, you’ll want to consider playing a TED Talk from one of your devices. Their topics reach a broad spectrum of ideas, events, and thoughts. You can go from a talk that shares 10 ways to have a better conversation with Celeste Headlee to Jen Gutner, questioning why we feel so uncomfortable talking about periods.

Now to step into some major realigning and healing, tune into the power of hertz. Sure we know that different sounds can subconsciously affect our well being. This is why we drive faster to upbeat music and tend to cruise to mellow songs. So why not intentionally play music that is calming to our bodies? Solfeggio Frequencies help promote body and mental health. It is said that the ancient tones were used to sacred music.

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