20 first date quesitons

20 First Date Questions Guaranteed to Enchant

Keep the conversation flowing on your first date with these 20 questions guaranteed to have your potential bae talking and anxious for more of your time.

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Being a great conversationalist is less about speaking and more about listening. It is the difference between an ordinary conversation and an enchanting (and effective) one. These 20 first date questions are ideal when it comes time to vet your suitor, build rapport, gently direct the discussion, and leave him begging for more of your time even though he did most of the talking.


Restaurant & Menu Item Questions

These questions give him a chance to flex his knowledge, and you’ll have the opportunity to pay attention to what he is aware of, knowledgeable about, and used to.

Family Life & Childhood Questions

Asking these lighthearted questions will provide you with insight into your POT’s childhood without being intrusive. These questions will also bring up whatever emotions he may have the way he grew up. Pay attention to his face, tone of voice, and body language. For example: if he smiles in loving memory of his mom or slightly grimaces when he talks about his dad.


Travel Based Questions

Like the questions about the restaurant and menu items, asking about travel will give him a chance to show you his tastes and habits. Maybe you can even slip in that you haven’t been Monaco but, you would LOVE to go. You never know babe; the date may end in him booking your ticket. 😉


Remember, ladies, curiosity is youthful, therefore attractive, while attention is addictive. The combination of both is a powerful and seductive tool. Keep these questions in your feminine arsenal and wield them with genuine interest and intrigue. You’ll be unforgettable.

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