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The 5 Step Pre-Date Routine You Never Knew You Needed

This 5 step pre-date routine will have you basking in some major goddess energy for your next night outside of home. Yes, you’ll be thanking me later.

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The secret to an incredible date begins with arriving at the scene, hips-swaying confidently, feeling like the best version of yourself. When you show up feeling pampered, fluid, and grounded, your date (and everyone around you) will naturally want to please you and add to the joy that you arrived with. However, as we all know, it’s impossible to be alluring, charming, and present when you’re stiff, nervous, and running late.

So I curated a list some of my tried and true pre-date rituals that drop you into your body, boost your feminine allure, and make you feel (and look) like the most gorgeous, glowing woman in the room. And darling, I guarantee when you do this routine, your suitor will be in the palm of your hand from the moment he lays eyes on you. 

Bonus: Allot Enough Time

See, you know I care about you when I put your bonus at the beginning of the article 😉. But seriously darling, the key to being prepared (for anything really) is allotting yourself enough time to actually do what needs to be done to FEEL ready. Think of it like this, dating successfully begins with dating yourself. If you don’t take the time to pamper and please yourself, why should anybody else?


Step 1: Move Your Body

Most pre-date jitters are a result of thinking too much. “Does my booty look good in this dress?” “What if I hate the food?” “What if he’s a psycho-killer?” A 10-minute yoga routine or a twerk session ( preferably to City Girls) will work wonders on your monkey mind and bring you back to your juicy center. Moving your hips and booty activates an awareness that makes you absolutely magnetic and tunes you in to your intuition. Your thoughts will shift from “How do I look?” to “I look and feel SO GOOD. Watch out, Daddy.”

Below I attached my favorite get ready playlist when I want to feel juicy, grounded, and confident.


Step 2: Visualize

I personally believe that I am the co-creator of my experience, so I often use creative visualization to manifest my dreams into my reality. While in the shower, use your imagination to visualize how you would like the date to go. Imagine the drive there. Imagine walking in with all eyes on you. Imagine the restaurant, are the lights dim or bright? Are the booths covered in velvet?  And the food, how does it taste/smell? It is satisfying? Imagine whatever else you can think of.  If you have trouble with visualization, instead take a few minutes and write in your journal, curate your perfect date from start to finish. How does it feel, smell, look? At the very most, your date will go as you imagined and at the very least you will have had a little fun and killed any anxiety about the Rendez-vous.

Step 3: Groom Thoroughly and Lovingly

Pay attention to detail and don’t neglect areas you may normally forget about. Shave your legs and underarms, exfoliate your elbows and scrape your tongue. After all, you are your own work of art, and looking your best begins with a smooth and clean canvas. As you’re admiring your finished product in the mirror, compliment yourself. Tell yourself how ravishing you look and how attractive you are. Speak positive words onto yourself, and feel your energy shift.


Step 4: Eat Something Light and Refreshing

How many times have you gone on a date and was starving because you forgot to eat earlier in the day? I have and it has always resulted in me eating an entire bread basket and scarfing down my salad in .02 seconds while thinking “Woooow N’diah, now he probably thinks you waited all day for him to pay for your meal.” Avoid this and enjoy a smoothie, salad, or fruit bowl beforehand. This way, you won’t be hyper-focused on food and you can enjoy the experience. Plus he won’t think you survive by going on dates for food 🤣.

Step 5: Write Down a Few Questions

Being a great conversationalist is less about being a great talker and more about being a great listener. It’s the difference between “Here EYE am” and “THERE you are”. One is ordinary and the other in enchanting. People generally enjoy those who allow them to talk about themselves comfortably. With a few carefully crafted questions designed for vetting, you’ll be able to get your date talking about himself without suspicion and building rapport without him even realizing. Click here to read our article on 1st Date Questions.

Ladies, the key takeaways of this article are tiny actions that will shift you from anxiety and nervousness, to self-assured and attractive. Incorporate these steps before your dates for a boost of feminine power. Even incorporate them before meetings, interviews, and nights out with your girls. How you do anything is how you do everything darling, and I want you to be successful in all of your endeavors.

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