How High Value Men Vet

What Do High Value Men Actually Want?

Let’s get into the mind of a masculine man.

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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What this Article IS and ISN’T

This article is NOT a checklist of traits that you need to embody fully, or even embody every single day.  High-value women are not clones. We are complex, multi-faceted, and have different hobbies, tastes, thoughts, and cultures. You cannot and should not shrink yourself or put yourself in a box for anyone, and certainly not “to get a man.” However, this article is a guide that will help you understand what traits successful and excellent men are attracted to generally.


A High-Value Man Requires a High-Value Woman

One of the many attractive traits of a high-value man is his assertiveness. He is a man who knows what he wants, pursues what he wants, and will not accept anything less than just that. He is strategic and intentional, especially when it comes to dating. And although a high-value man would never ask a woman what she brings to the table, he is certainly taking notes on your presentation, your manners, and your behavior. There are specific characteristics that he requires and desires the women (that he will take seriously) in his life to exhibit. However, you may be surprised by some of the traits that I list. So ladies, go through this article and honestly audit your values, your attitude, and your behavior. The level-up is a journey, not a destination. It will require your consistent strive to become the very best version of yourself (not ANYONE else).

Attractiveness: How Does He See You?

Beauty: Is he attracted to how you look? 

Femininity: Does he feel like a man around you? 

Sensuality: Are you pleasing and fulfilling to his senses?

Elegance: Are you graceful, polished?

Other things to consider: Mystery, Sexual Prowess, Seductiveness, Youthfulness

Personality: How Do You Come Off?

Lightheartedness: Do you take everything too seriously? 

Adaptability: Can he take you anywhere? Can you easily converse with people from different backgrounds?

Kindness: This one speaks for itself. 

Other things to consider: Humor, Consistency, Emotional Control (at least in public), Fluidity


Presence: How Does He (& Others) Feel When He’s Around You?

Fun: Do you have fun when you’re together?

Harmonious: Do others enjoy being around you?

Magnetic: Do he and others desire to be in your presence?

Agreeableness: Are you sociable and good-natured?  

Other things to consider:  Etiquette, Style

Attractiveness, personality, and presence are fundamental to building any valuable relationship. Take these into consideration when you feel you are having trouble attracting high-value men or high-value relationships. Remember, it’s not about being perfectly prim, proper, and happy all of the time; it’s about being the best you can be. And trust me, once you become your best, you will attract the best.

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