Circle vs your network

Defining the line between your circle and your network

Your circle should be small 🤏 but your network can be limitless 

By: Iman Josey
By: Iman Josey

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I don’t know if you are just getting started on your self-growth journey or if you’re already waist-deep in the glow up. Either way, you’ll have to eUpgrading your circle doesn’t always mean leaving your old one behind but rather repositioning it to make room for change.


Building your network with a strong foundation is vital. My favorite thing to say is, “your circle should be small, but your network can be limitless.” When building your group of friends, it’s essential to make sure they add more value to your life than drunken nights and hangovers. Our immediate friends should be inspirational, trustworthy, empathetic, and dependable, to say the least. So if your circle is composed of people who leave you second-guessing about their character or uncomfortable expressing your own, it’s time to rearrange.

Good friends are not as common as we would like to hope, but you’ll know when you have one because they will continuously spark an undeniable warmth in your heart. However, you don’t have to aim for friendship with everyone you come in contact with, some of them will be best considered as connections for your network.


Making connections with many people can be very beneficial. While you don’t have to speak with these contacts daily or weekly, make sure to communicate regularly. Major shout-out to social media for making it easier to connect with our network, but don’t opt-out of sending a text or call, which can have a better impact depending on the connection and their importance. Another kick-ass way to build your network is by placing some potentials in the friend zone. The potentials that you aren’t genuinely drawn to can still serve a purpose. If you keep in contact but keep your friendship platonic, when you get invited to events with them and their friends, you can be open to meeting others or allow space for insight on the potential you friend-zoned.

We meet people on a day to day basis, and I don’t believe it’s by coincidence. Everyone can serve a purpose to help you on your journey of growth as long as you know where to place that person in your life.

 Xo 💋 

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