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The High Value Dating Commandments

A Summation of the Do’s and Don’ts of High Value Dating à la The Writings on the Wall

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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Every Wednesday at 7 pm EST, we do a live Girl Talk covering an array of topics. Last week we covered the Do’s and Don’ts of High-Value dating and sent the girls home with a lot of information that they can incorporate into their lives. These commandments are a culmination of my own experiences as well as advice I have taken and cautionary tales I have heard. They have yet to steer me wrong, so take heed ladies. Print these out and put them at your desk or vision board to keep you on top of your game!


Thou Shall Expect A High-Value Man Because You Are A High-Value Woman

As you may have heard before, “the level-up is mental.” So, when you begin to invest in your presentation, mind, and overall presence, you will start to attract men of the same stature. However, another key piece of attraction is the expectation. What you expect you attract. You must begin to see yourself as worthy of what you want in order to attract it. You must continue to groom your mind to expect what it is that you desire.

Thou Shall Not Level Up Just To Date

Dating well and marrying well are ultimately just products of the journey. When you become better and better for yourself, you fall deeper in love with who you are becoming. This process allows you to radiate with Goddess-like confidence that attracts all things you desire like moths to a flame.

Thou Shall Vet Men

“Normalize Vetting Men” should be a new hashtag. It is essential for your time, your mental health, and sometimes even your safety. There is a multitude of ways to vet men before, during, and after your date. Of course, you should allow his actions to speak to the type of person he is, however, a simple Google search, a conversation before your date, or even a background check has never hurt anyone. And let’s be clear, MEN VET WOMEN TOO.


Thou Shall Be Warm And Feminine But Not A Doormat

Feminine does not mean frail, dumb, or gullible. It also does not mean we are light-hearted, happy go lucky, and agreeable all damn day. It means we are a powerful complement to the masculine energy that is within and around us. So have your boundaries and learn how to communicate clearly.

SN: Remember, we may PLAY dumb, but we are NOT foolish.

Are you comfortable with defining and setting boundaries in your life?

Thou Shalt Not Ask For Money

Especially not rent money, hair money, or nail money. Asking for these things makes you look juvenile and desperate. There is nothing wrong with falling on hard times, but during these hard times dating should be the least of your concerns. During hard times your energy comes off as insecure because you very well are. When you are well taken care of, men can smell it. And when you are not, the vultures come sniffing.

Rather than asking for money, DO be the damsel, DO be suggestive, DO look so damn good he wants to take care of you naturally, DO require twice of what you “need” or large amounts generally.

Thou Shall Date Multiple Men At once

Just because he is high-value, DOES NOT mean he is the “one.” There is an abundance of high-value men and you will attract yours. Do not force connections, date freely, and focus on your pleasure and overall well being.


Thou Shalt Not shrink yourself for a man's attention

Don’t try to fit into a box on a date. If you are funny, be funny. If you are witty, be witty. If you’re a people watcher or a great storyteller, share that with your date. 

However, DO read the room, remain mysterious, keep your speaking to a minimum, ask him questions, and use your qualities to your advantage.

Thou Shall always look your best

Whatever this means to you and the men you are looking to attract, always look your best because when you do, you’ll feel your best, therefore you will attract the best.

If you enjoyed this article, follow us @LetsSweetTalk and tune in every Wednesday for timeless gems on dating, self-care, and all things feminine. 

XO 😘 

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