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How to Manifest Luxury

Use these potent rituals to manifest the luxury lifestyle you deserve.

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life. What does it include? Ski-trips in Aspen, Moncler coats, and vacation homes in Sweden, Paris, or Monaco? Or perhaps it’s a French-boudoir style walk-in closet full to the brim with luxury handbags and shoes? Maybe you never want to worry about having to clean your stunning home, so you hire a maid service that comes 3 times a week. Oooh, what about a private chef? Let your imagination run away with you.

Everyone has their own definition of luxury. The first step is becoming extremely clear on your personal definition. You should be able to imagine it precisely how you desire it to come to fruition. The next step to having it is believing that you deserve it. It is your birthright. The third step is becoming the luxury you want to align yourself with. Below I include some of my favorite rituals that I use to develop clarity, build strong beliefs, and get into alignment with the opulence I deserve.


The best way to begin any practice is with gratitude. Gratitude is a similar frequency to abundance and overflow. By first mapping out what you are grateful for in your life currently, it will be easier to imagine more things that will bring you gratitude.

Creating Clarity

Take about 20 minutes and focus on one aspect of your life you would like to make luxurious. Perhaps it’s your next vacation,  a new apartment, or a dream wardrobe. From here create a digital vision board like this! (link a personal vision board). This ritual helps you create something very similar to what you may have in your mind. Seeing it in the physical will help you clarify even further what you are imagining which will help you manifest faster.


Building Belief

Write out a list of 7 things you are grateful for that reflect ease, convenience, and overflow. This practice will not only raise your vibration, it will remind you of all the avenues in your life where you already experience luxury. Once you become aware and grateful for what you have, you are creating space for more experiences similar to them.

For example:

I am so grateful that I’m able to make a steady and increasing income from home.

I am so grateful that I can afford to eat exquisite food often.

I am so grateful that I don’t have to take out my own trash.

Make this ritual more potent by doing this 5- minute moving meditation.

In your journal, answer the following questions:

  • Money is _______, _________, and ________. 
  • What did my mother think about money? __________
  • What did my father think about money? _________
  • Money causes ____________.
  • Rich people are ________, __________, and  __________. 
  • Poor people are _________, __________, and  ________. 
  • To become rich I have to  _________________.

By the time you have answered these questions you should have an idea about what your limiting beliefs are and where they stem from. The first step is to become aware, the second step is to correct your mindset.


Align with Luxury

I adapted this ritual from a book called “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Grab your journal and begin with $100,000. Over the span of a month, you will be spending $25,000 every Monday. Account for each dollar spent until you spend it all. The more specific you are the better. This exercise is extremely powerful because it forces you to get creative and use your imagination. It also aligns your frequency with the vibration of “having” instead of “wanting”. Essentially, with this ritual, you are tuning into how it feels to have your manifestation before it comes into the physical. Remember, what you cannot imagine, you cannot manifest.

For example:

Day 1

Balance: $100,000

-$350: monthly maid service

-$2500: rent

(subtract until you reach $25,000 spent for the week)

Indulging in simple (or elaborate) pleasures as often as possible is my favorite way to align myself with luxury. A weekly bouquet, a spa day, or even a trip to your local vineyard can be your go-to’s. However, enjoying a glass of wine on your couch while  binge-watching Girlfriends, taking a bubble bath, or even 15 minutes of yoga will get you there where you need to be. The key is embodying ease and overflow as often as you can.

Another way to become luxury is to take your mundane, every day experiences and make them special. For example, if you do your makeup often it can become easy to mindlessly flow through the steps of getting ready, completely neglecting an opportunity to make it a luxurious experience. Instead, choose to play a yummy playlist, burn some candles, pour yourself a libation and mindfully dress yourself like the goddess you are.

I have personally done each and every one of these rituals and they are wonderfully effective. Choose one or incorporate them all. Either way, I know you will see results if you take the time to define, believe, and align with the luxury you desire.

XO 😘 

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