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By: Chrissy B.
By: Chrissy B.

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Finding a healthy haircare routine that works for you can be so hard. Whether thick, thin, curly, or straight these tips will give you a little bit of insurance. You’ll need to cancel that standing “spring clean” big chop appointment because this winter, we are retaining length and body, okay!


I think we can all agree on the fact that everyone’s tresses are different. Some of us wash more than once a week, while others only require a bi-weekly cleanse. Yet, even with so many differences, I’ve never met a head of hair that didn’t like attention. Just like we pour TLC into anything else we want to see grow and flourish, our mane is no exception. Take the time to get to know your precious locks and create a routine to help it thrive. You can do this through trial and error, lots of research, or help from a licensed professional. Let’s cut some of the red tapes with these beauty gems you’ll take to the grave, trust!

Hair Tip 1

Beware of coats!

Wool coats and scarves wreak havoc on your lovely mane. The friction of collars and scarves will strip your hair of its natural oils and the extra ones you use to treat it. Leaving you with dry and brittle ends that WILL eventually break off. Now, of course, I’m not saying you should sacrifice warmth for length retention, but I advise launching a full investigation on making your coats more hair friendly.

Pro Tip: Have your tailor sew a silk scarf to the inside of your coat collar. The hair on the nape of your neck will thank you.


Hair Tip 2

Find a Protective Hairstyle You Like

A protective style is any hairstyle that tucks the ends of your hair away. This could be a simple ponytail or an elaborate braid style. It’s most important to protect your ends as they are the oldest part of your hair and more prone to breakage

Pro Tip: Ponytails are great for protective styling. Easy, low manipulation, and fast! Remember to take your ponytail down every night and massage your scalp. (Leaving your elastic in for days at a time can cause breakage)


Hair Tip 3

Baby Your Ends & Edges

The most fragile sections of your hair are your ends and edges so, treat them sweetly, and they will be kind to you. Once a week, take the time to massage oil on your temples and ends of your hair. Stimulation to your scalp will keep your edges full & healthy (or help them grow), and your ends will be nourished, making them less prone to breaking.

Pro Tip: Argan oil is excellent for hair massages. Jamaican Black Castor Oil (or JBCO) cures excessive shedding. Use it to massage your scalp in a deep conditioning treatment or as a hot oil treatment.

Hair Tip 4

Nourish Your Hair from the Inside

Typically your hair mimics how healthy you are on the inside. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take your vitamins. You should even try taking collagen or a hair growth supplement this winter to keep your thickness and elasticity.

Essentially, treat your hair like your iPhone. Protect it at all costs, clean it, and don’t let anyone touch it!


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