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8 Flowers To Channel Your Feminine Energies

Grab your vase and allow the feminine energy in these flowers to spin around your home.

By: Iman Josey
By: Iman Josey

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Nothing like walking into a home with a fresh bouquet of flowers. The gentle fragrance, color, and shapes of nature harness feminine energies that can charge your spirit and others who enter your home. Roses may be the flower of love, but they’re not the only blossom that symbolizes the gentle feeling of romance.

ranunculus flowers


Blooms: Early Spring

These feminine, cool-season bulb flowers, also known as Persian Buttercups, symbolize charm and attractiveness. It’s said that if given to you, the person may find you charming and attractive. They are delicate, showy, and grow in various colors. The word ranunculus comes from two Latin words. Rana means ‘frog’ and unculus meaning ‘little.’ It is assumed this name was fitting because they grew along streams and were as prevalent as frogs in the springtime.

tulip flowers


Blooms: Early Spring

As famous as the rose, the Tulip has many meanings that depend on the flower’s color. This graceful flower generally represents love, passion, and in some cases, rebirth.

peony flowers


Blooms: Late Spring, Early Summer

This bashful blossom is worthy of a Queen. Their feminine beauty represents prosperity, bashfulness, honor, happy marriages, compassion, and riches. The Peony can be traced through history and mythology, giving it many symbolic meanings.

Daffodil flowers



Blooms: Late Winter, Early Spring

Daffodils are a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth, hence being the first flower to bloom come spring. They are a bright yellow color, which inspires creativity and helps to strengthen your memory.

Gerbera Daisy Flowers

Gerbera Daisies

Blooms: Early Spring, Late Autumn

If “flowers die too soon” is a phrase you are familiar with, these gorgeous florals will prove you wrong. Gerbera Daisies can last for 3 to 4 years with proper attention. These dazzling buds represent purity, innocence, and beauty.

Orchid Flowers


Blooms: Early Spring, Late Autumn

Their bold and exotic nature makes the orchid highly coveted. Fertility, sexuality, strength, and elegance are what they represent throughout various cultures and periods. The lady with an Orchid in her home would be bolder than one with a bouquet of lilies.

Sunflower Flower


Blooms: Summer

Looking to gently lift the spirits in your home? This radiant and warm bud conveys feelings of happiness, adoration, joy, and all things that are positive. Facing east as the sun rises, the magical sunflower turns to face the sun across the sky until it sets in the west.

carnation flowers


Blooms: Late Spring, Early Summer

These sharp, hearty blooms generally signify love and fascination. However, like roses, the different colors can have very different meanings, so it’s great to research the color before filling your home with them. Carnations are also excellent for dying, so you can get creative with your feminine arrangments.

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