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4 Femme-Luxe Ways to Level Up Your Home

Use my “femme- Shui” techniques to create your dream, Venusian home.

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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Recently, as in a few days ago, I and my fur-daughters moved into an adorable, modern apartment. Building up to my move, my one and only desire was to level up my environment and create a luxurious, dream space teeming with divine feminine energy. After I curated multiple dream home collections on Instagram and Pinterest (I’m obsessive), I used these 4 “femme-Shui” techniques to create the exact home that I desired.


Kondo It Up

Ladies, when I say declutter, I do not mean just going through some nooks and crannies and getting rid of some things that you do not like. I mean, you must genuinely declutter ALL of your belongings, Marie Kondo style. Before I moved, I went through my dishes, glassware, towels, makeup, jewelry, cutlery, clothing, shoes, décor, and even furniture and considered which items were worth bringing into my new space. I was firm with myself and only took the pieces, which carried feelings of joy and abundance. I didn’t take anything broken, outdated, dirty, or useless to my new area. Just this gesture made a huge difference in how I felt in my new space. A major aspect of feminine energy is the ability to ebb and flow, so open up the floodgates and get rid of the objects that no longer serve you. Decluttering also creates space in your life for new and better things to make their way. Therefore, before you think about buying anything new,  give your new space (and your mind) a true gutting.

Side Note: Before moving, I knew I wanted all new things. So I saved a good amount of money to replace the pieces that I needed and buy the things I wanted.


Find Your Focus

When I finally decided to look for furniture and décor, I had a particular color and texture palette and overall look in mind. For example, I opted for a more muted and neutral color palette, a balance of warm and cool tones, a mixture of velvety and silk textures, and gold finishes. With these in mind, I focused on one room at a time. Keep in mind; you do not have to buy everything at once. It’s more important to create the perfect foundation to build on later.


Invest in the Little Things

When we think of creating our dream home, we typically focus on spending the larger amounts of money on the larger furniture; however, hun, I believe the luxury is in the details. Take the time to find and invest in high-quality sheets and comforter sets, unique planters, or perhaps the perfect lamps for your end tables. Unique candles and art pieces are also great investments that will level-up your space to your dream home.

Create Niche-Nooks

I just made up the term niche-nook precisely 2 minutes ago 😂. In my head, a niche-nook is a space within a space dedicated to something specific. In my new home, I plan on having a nook specifically for luxuriating and reading a good book, one for beautification, and another for yoga, pole, and meditation. Creating these little spaces helps you design a feeling of flow and intention within your home, enhancing your own feminine energy.

Leveling up is never just about your physical appearance; it is more-so an amalgamation of the growth you undergo mentally, physically, spiritually, and in this case, environmentally. Each piece affects the whole (you). Happy decorating, XO!

If you would like to follow my dream apartment journey, I’ll be posting it on my Instagram @ndiahlove stories!  And for more content, follow us @LetsSweetTalk


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