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Beauty Routine Hacks to Look Good 24/7

Flawless in 40 mins vs 2 hours? We think so!

By: Chrissy B.
By: Chrissy B.

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Everyone suffers from at least the smallest amount of vanity, which we see is pushed to its limits in the digital world. There are beautiful people posting selfies by the minute, but the question is, do they always look this way? Realistically, not even the most attractive people look runway-ready every moment of the day. However, some beauty treatments will undoubtedly get you close to Beyonce’s “I woke up like this” glam on a daily.


Invest Money into Beauty

Consider Microblading Your Brows

Brows can be the most tedious and essential part of a beauty routine. Microblading your brows will cut your makeup routine time in half, guaranteed. For this procedure, a licensed esthetician will use a needle-like tool that doesn’t penetrate the skin but scratches just below the surface to implant featherweight strokes with a medical-grade pigment on the second layer of the skin. This technique is the best way to create the illusion of delicate, realistic, and natural hair. This procedure will cost you between $250-400 to complete. In exchange, you get perfectly shaped brows that frame your face for two or more years depending on skin type. You will save time and money spent on those disappearing brow pencils.

Find a great Lash Technician

Lash extensions are beautiful and typically lightweight, depending on your chosen look. Full, flirty lashes will make you appear more awake and put together without having to do anything. As you would expect, I love a bare face and freshly done lashes. They are perfect for when you have to make a quick store run, and you never know who may be at your local Whole Foods tonight. Typically adding a full set of lashes to your beauty routine will run you about $100, and a two-week fill will cost about $60.

Perfect your smile

There is nothing like a beautiful, white smile. Not only does the state of your oral hygiene say a lot about your overall health, but one of the first things people see is your mouth. Visit your dentist and create a plan with your doctor about the pathway to your dream smile. If nothing else, brush and floss daily. Moreover, there are even some inexpensive home remedies to brighten your smile, like using activated charcoal to remove stains. The price for oral hygiene varies drastically from person to person depending upon insurance and treatment plans. No matter the cost, it is well worth it.


Cut Time On Your Routine

Press on nails

Trigger Warning: Sometimes, the wonderful women who perform our beauty services do not treat us with respect or regard for our feelings. Out of all the beauty services, I find that nail technicians are the least personable. In essence, I was tired of waiting weeks for an appointment with a broken nail and then being treated as just that, an appointment. I’ve experienced it so much that I decided to fire (all) of my nail service providers. Although I was reluctant to change this beauty routine, I stumbled across press-ons! Yes! These are not the sticky ones we played with in elementary school but the full-grown, elegant, kick-ass version. I have done my fair share in research and testing, and my favorite system is Apres Gel-X Nail Extensions. Give this brand a try, and you will have fully sculpted nails in under an hour that last for two weeks!

Believe me, the Instagram fresh set nail-fies will, indeed, pop.


Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Getting long-lasting, low-maintenance hairstyles or maintaining your style at home will save you tons of money for sure and, in some cases, time. Instead of your weekly blowout on Thursday evenings, you can fill your time with another productive activity. Save money and cut out the time you spend waiting in a salon. For that, you can sign me and my bestie up!

Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Wearing makeup trends can be fun and creative, but they usually take some practice to perfect. Focus on building a solid everyday routine that you can spice up with some trends. This beauty hack will save you a lot of time and brainwork when you have last-minute plans.

I’ve incorporated most of these into my beauty upkeep routine and I haven’t had a mental down about scheduling the appointments I need yet. Let us know if you will be trying any of these tips in our comment section below. We love a good chat! 


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