Masculine Provider

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How To Know if He’s a Masculine Provider

Informally uncover whether your love interest is a high-value man by noticing these three key traits.

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than a masculine, provider man 😍. Men who are masculine providers have many things in common, one trait being that they are very proud of their accomplishments and ability to take care of their loved ones. Typically, his earned pride will radiate during a genuine conversation; however, for the gentlemen who are a little harder to read, there are tell-tale signs that point to him being a masculine provider or not. Below, I’ve listed three key traits to look out for when vetting your potential partner!


He Has Clearly Defined Work and Play Time

Men deemed as successful always have a defined schedule with time carved out for work, fitness, and leisure. They see their time as valuable and limited; therefore, they are disciplined when it comes to work and playtime. So when these gentlemen ask you out on a date, knowing they value their time makes it all the sweeter.

🏆 Pro-tip: Ask him how he feels about tardiness ( I assume he will hate it!), and depending on his answer and the conversion that ensues about his schedule, it will tell you what you need to know.

🚩 Red FlagIf he continually has free/leisure time and seldom mentions the happenings of his day business-wise, he may likely be a poser.


He is a Problem Solver

I adore a man who is a problem solver and a solution-based thinker. They are the type of guys who will have an answer or solution in the moment or after he comes up with a response if you go to them with any problem or question. These men take great pride in being helpful and needed.

🏆 Pro-tip: On a date, bring up a small problem you may be having or ask him for advice about something you suspect he is good at; he should jump at the chance to help you!

🚩 Red Flag: Men who are not masculine providers will typically approach your problems with a “Wow, that’s crazy” attitude, or he may say he will help you, and the help never comes. Ladies, believe him the FIRST time.


His Values, His Words, and His Actions Match

Regardless of ethnicity, age, or religion, high-value men will have a clear set of values that inform their actions. If he values women, it will match with how he treats you. If he values legacy and success, it will reflect in how he goes about his business. If he says he values honesty, he will be honest about his intentions. Always look at whether his values match his words, and his words match his actions. I’m not implying that a man will, should, or can show you every layer of who he is when he first meets you; however, it will be generally obvious.

🏆 Pro-tip: Always take mental notes about what he says (or implies) the values and make sure it reflects his actions.

🚩 Red Flag: He always has an excuse as to why he cannot follow through with something he says he will do, either in life or for you.

Ladies, these signs will help you vet potential partners to make sure that you are indeed investing your time and energy into a masculine provider! If you liked this article, comment below! And for more articles on femininity, self-care, and dating, follow us @letssweettalk , XO.

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