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How to Use Masculinity to Become Magnetic

Magnetism comes from a deep inner trust that is supported by healthy masculinity.

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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The title of this post seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Women are supposed to be feminine, right? That’s how we capture the hearts of those around us, right? Well, yes. All of the above is true, but, I think we (our community) have marketed masculinity as being a useless trait for women to have. I admit, I thought this in the beginning. But after analyzing my relationship/dating experiences, as well as my own research, I have concluded that masculinity is not only useful but necessary.

Just as masculine men serve as the structural and strategic to our fluid and intuitive nature; our own masculinity can serve as the same. Expressing our masculinity in a healthy way can actually make us more magnetic and allow our femininity to flourish. Read on to discover why and most importantly, how.


I think we can all agree that confidence is magnetic. This is why women are intuitively attracted to successful or high-achieving men. These men have proven themselves in their arenas to be strong leaders and useful contributors to their communities, therefore their confidence is unwavering and proven. After taking a closer look at the men that were and are currently in my life, I found that this magnetic confidence that high-value men have is largely due to deep inner trust.

Although society would have us believe that men lack intuition, I have found the contrary to be true. Male intuition is largely based upon their ability to follow step-by-step processes that lead to their desired results. Repetition, routine, and discipline offer results that help them to develop a deep inner trust and confidence in their decision-making skills. When you apply this to dating, it’s no wonder why men typically have the one-up on the women in their lives. Most women are disconnected from their natural intuition, which is largely based on the ability to process and articulate complex emotions and body language. This type of intuition is equally as powerful but women seldom trust it.


In order for women to remain in a one-up position while dating and in relationships, it’s important for women to build and maintain their inner trust by creating processes that build their confidence in decision-making. When a woman trusts herself and her ability to make decisions she radiates from a place of knowing. She is able to be warm, receptive, and at ease because she is intentional and strategic about where she goes and whom she chooses to spend her time with.  Now that we’ve covered the “why”, let’s get into the “how”.

Take Time to Focus on Your Finances

It is so important to create abundance and prosperity in your own life so that you don’t manifest and make decisions from a place of lack and scarcity. Just as you would have your own husband provide for you and create ease and comfort in your life, it’s important to create the same experience without a husband.

Separate Work and Play (Create a Schedule)

The modern-day woman is hyper-independent and always in fight or flight mode, striving for their next achievement. A healthy woman is interdependent, focused on her goals, and she can separate the boardroom from the bedroom. I admit it’s harder for a single and successful woman to turn off her masculinity but creating a schedule and a cut-off time for work will save you a world of hurt. The structure of a schedule will allow you the space you need to drop out of your “doing state” into your “being state”.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Men are experts at this because they learn about rejection earlier than we do. Some women develop “tough skin” in order to not let anything hurt them. That’s not what I’m referring to. As we learn how to tune into our almost supernatural intuition, we learn how to discern what is in alignment with our beliefs and what isn’t. The more we develop our intuition, the more we learn to trust ourselves. So when something doesn’t work out the way we want it to, it glides off of us and doesn’t penetrate. We learn to meet contrast with humor and compassion allowing us to remain soft yet UNBOTHERED.

Ladies, I believe that women can benefit from developing their natural intuition as well as tapping into the more masculine aspects of ourselves in a healthy way. When we create a safe space for ourselves, learn discernment, and develop inner trust we are able to completely rest in our feminine, becoming completely magnetic to any and all things. Especially, men.

For more articles on femininity, self-care, and dating, follow us @letssweettalk , XO.

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