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The Art of Flirtation + 7 Magical Tips

✨Become the girl everyone wants to be around ✨

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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Flirtation requires equal parts charm and charisma, a bit of self-awareness, and a sprinkle of audacity. I am a HUGE, natural flirt. I am what you call an equal opportunity flirt. I’ll flirt with straight guys, straight girls, gaybies, gay girls, old ladies, and it is to no particular end other than making myself and others feel good. Flirtation is majorly viewed as a form of communicating sexual interest. However, when you dig deeper, you uncover how it can be a disarming social tool and a mechanism that can create harmony and opportunity.

Most people who find flirting hard have a level of social awkwardness. And I’m going to tell you now; you have to get over this (at least for the moment). Flirting doesn’t have to be an overt gesture or comment. If truth be told, my favorite kind of flirting is nonverbal. Yet still, it will require you to be tuned in to who is in front of you while being turned on by your own presence to execute it. And just like every form of effective communication, it requires a level of intelligence and understanding of who you are communicating with.


When Should You Flirt?

If you are just learning, you should be flirting whenever the opportunity presents itself. Practice makes perfect! Remember, flirting is simply just communicating in a way that makes you and others feel good.


Got It, How Do I Do It?

Tip #1:

Good flirting comes from a “feel good” space that you have already created within. The better you feel, the more this “feel good” energy translates to others. It is a natural radiance that is naturally flirtatious! This is why I always encourage our readers to cultivate this radiance before their dates. It will make the date experience that much better.

Tip #2:

😃 SMILE. Smiling is the easiest way to communicate to others that you feel good in their presence. And it doesn’t always have to be a full-on smile. Sometimes, allowing a smirk to play on your lips, simply smile to yourself. Others will wonder what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.

Tip #3:

Open your stance, uncross your arms, face towards your subject, and while you’re at it, unclench your jaws, releasing the tension from your face.


Tip #4:

Scan people with true interest, then compliment them. Genuine compliments will get you everywhere. They’re practically a love language.

Tip #5:

Listen and watch. People are communicating their desires in subtle ways all of the time. If someone wants you to come closer, they may drop their tone. If someone likes you to play along with their joke, a slight smirk may play on their lips, or humor may dance in their eyes. Learn subtle social cues to become anybody’s favorite person to be around because you just “get them.”

Tip #6:

Be bold and confident! And don’t be afraid to say something cheeky!

Tip #7:

Mirror their movements in a way that says, “I’m in tune with you”! If they lean forward, you come forward a bit too. If they pat you on the knee, maybe grab their elbow a few moments later.

Flirting should not feel like a chore! It should feel light-hearted and exciting. There doesn’t have to be a purpose other than to feel good. Let go of your intentions and get to know people. For more tips, visit us on Instagram @letssweettalk, XO!

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