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Sushi Is Better When The Restaurant Is Closed

Freestyle Confessions Sushi in Atlanta

Freestyle Confessions are anonymous stories told by people like you. We share these stories to spread real experiences and inspire others to go out and meet new people rather than relying on over-saturated mobile apps.

This Freestyle Confession talks about how going out for Sushi alone in Atlanta turned into an intimate and exclusive dinner. Who needs a menu when the chef sends out everything?

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about being courted? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you on the truths of engaging in relationships?

Although growing up in a middle-class, one-parent household for most of my childhood, my mother always reminded me how important it was to marry someone who could provide me with the things that would make me whole. She swore by the philosophy that ‘the man will need to be more in love than the woman for it to work.’ She taught me a world of knowledge on the type of men I should date, but I realized later in life that I didn’t know how to be the woman these men would even consider.

Would you consider yourself to be sociable or more reserved? Explain why you think you are.

I’ve always been sociable. Never scared to make new friends or speak up around people. Of course, I’ve experienced anxiety before, but I try my best to shut those thoughts out. I usually drown them with reminders to take my time and believe that I belong in whatever space I’m in. That has pushed me to be the social butterfly I am today.


Did you worry about money growing up?

No, I was fortunate for my mother. She is one of those supermoms that never let their children see the stress of being a solo-star mother. I never felt like I should worry about money, and my mother handled finances privately, even in the most challenging times.

Do you worry about money now?

Although I don’t have a fixed income, I wouldn’t say I worry about money; I adapt to changes. In the past two years, I’ve had to revisit my budget, making adjustments to ensure that I don’t create financial woes.

Do you usually go out with friends, or do you find yourself jetting out alone before sending any invitations to join you?

I’m usually one foot out the door before I even think about inviting my friends to join me. I love going out alone because it allows me to follow my rhythm without opposing forces. If I feel like having a friend join me, I usually send the invite once I’ve reached my destination and felt my surroundings out.



When it comes to dating, do you usually put all your time into one person of interest, balance a few potential suitors, or serial date until someone makes it official?

See, I love the idea of dating one person until they make it official, but I start to get head over heels too quickly. Also, I am not here for being in a relationship before actually being in a relationship. So to help better balance my emotions, I like to date a few suitors.

Have you ever been a regular at a place in your city, or do you like to switch settings often?

Regular Annie is my nickname. I love going to the same places, but I keep a list of about seven places and rotate them depending on my mood. The staff usually know me by name at most of the places I visit in my city.


How many courses and drinks do you usually have when you go to a restaurant?

Depending on my hunger levels, I have an appetizer and order dinner. I have another round of drinks whenever I finish the one and a glass of water.

Have you ever been out alone and ended up meeting someone new?

Absolutely, I’ve met some of the most amazing people whenever I’ve gone out to enjoy time with myself. I think others wonder why you are alone, but being alone is fantastic. You enjoy a particularly peaceful feeling, which draws people in. I’ve made many friends while being out for a drink.

The Confession

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time of the Day: Evening

Evening Budget: $250

Evening Spend: $24.00

Drink Cost: $80.00 | Expense covered

Food Expense: $350.00+ | Expense covered

Transportation: Uber Black

Transportation Expense: $24.00


5:30 pmI turned on femme fatal music to help me channel some good siren energy. I showered slowly, moisturizing even slower to keep any anxious feelings down. I did a natural look for my makeup to go with any outfit I picked. I always decide what to wear after putting on makeup, so the neutrals help. I straightened my hair and danced around the bathroom.

6:30 pm ⎯ I chose to wear a flowing dark brown mini dress for the evening, sporting a deep gold sandal, simple jewelry, and a small black handbag that broke the gold and brown tones in my outfit. I decided to have one drink before heading out, so I made a Jalapeño margarita and called for an Uber. The goal is to make it to the restaurant before the tiny five-seated bar is filled.

7:30 pm ⎯ I have my Uber driver take me to the less used entrance because it’s a more leisurely trip to make on my heels. I walk into the restaurant; like magic, there is one seat for me in between two couples. That is perfect so they can talk to each other while I talk to and become friends with the bartenders. I think the bartenders are my favorite people to meet when out alone. They always make you feel like you have someone with you. So I ordered my usual dirty martini with regular olives and sipped slowly.

8:30 pm ⎯ I love the food here, but I usually course it out, so I started with an avocado salad. By this time, the couples on both sides of me took their tables, and the bar switched guests. Everyone was relatively social, so the energy was high. As I get ready to order an ouzo shot, someone walks in, and the bartender greets them over my shoulder. The new guest got their drink without even requesting one, and as it was being dropped onto the bar, I ordered two ouzo shots—one for me and one to share. I offered the new guest to join me for the drink. The ouzo shots are delicious, and they usually don’t make them unless you ask nicely. They aren’t too strong but certainly sneak up on you. So he took me up on my offer, and we had two more within the hour.

9:30 pm ⎯ The restaurant began closing around 9 pm, so I asked for my tab, and kindly enough, my newfound drink buddy asked if he could cover it. I accepted. As I was preparing to walk out, the host walked up to ask if he was ready. He stopped me and asked me to join him for dinner in the back. I was shocked because the restaurant was closing, and they ran in a pretty strict manner. How could I decline the invitation? So I accepted.

10:30 pm ⎯ By this time, I was tipsy, so I held off on any more drinks. We talked for some time about careers, passions, and life. After a while, I noticed a waitress never came to the table except to bring water. So I decided to ask what he would order, and he said he had already ordered everything on the menu. Now I love a good surprise, but this stranger turned friend was very impressive. About 15 minutes later, the food was flowing in like the scene from Beauty and the Beast when they prepared dinner for Belle. Some of my favorites and some things I’ve never seen.

11:30 pm ⎯ Dinner ended, and we considered continuing the night to another late-night bar, but I was tired. My new friend called for me a car and walked me to the pickup. We exchanged contact information and are still friends to this day. I’d say that my night was a success. I had a ton of fun, met new people, and had an unexpected dinner in one of the best sushi restaurants in Atlanta after hours.

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