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Medicine is Bitter: Rest in Peace Kevin Samuels

Kevin might not have been the right medicine for you but he was for 1.44 Million people

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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Have you ever had a yummy medicine? I definitely haven’t. Western and holistic medicines tend to be nasty and bitter. Barely palatable. It’s been like this for thousands of years. The strongest medicines and the most healing tonics and tinctures are normally the most bitter. You recoil at the initial taste but after a while, as your condition becomes better, you begin to relish your results, becoming grateful for this bitter medicine.


Kevin Samuels was a bitter cure for very specific social and economic conditions that plague the Black American community. And though you may not consider yourself sick with conditions like average income, social anxiety,  laziness, lack of progress, zero accountability, a complete lack of understanding for the opposite sex, and pure delusion,  1.44 MILLION people on youtube did. And countless other platforms popped up as a result of recognizing that the majority of the Black American community is sick with these conditions.


Whether you agree with his personal preferences or ideologies, you must admit that the only reason why his platforms grew to such an incredible size in such a short amount of time is that many people knew they were sick and were seeking healing and guidance. Kevin’s bitter medicine may not have been exactly what the doctor ordered but it absolutely covered a whole host of symptoms. His almost daily doses of radical honesty, pure logic, and sometimes condescending language, seem to be exactly what was needed to bring issues surrounding relationships, marriage, masculinity, and femininity to the forefront of every conversation in 2021 and 2022. Before Kevin blew up, not many people were paying attention to the work that was already happening in the “Love and Relationships” community on Youtube and Facebook.

However, coaches like April Mason, Stephan Speaks, and Tony Gaskins have been delivering antidotes for years to people who have been having issues finding a mate, keeping a mate, communicating with their mates, having better sex with their mates, making more money, and building better lives. These issues have always existed however it seems that radical healing begins with radical truth. “You’re average at best” was the line that characterized Kevin Samuels as “The Godfather” to his supporters and as a misogynistic and toxic  “mansplainer” to his detractors. However you may personally feel, both can be true at the same time. Just as you can find people who can complain about his lack of tact and empathy, you have those who have been forever changed by Kevin Samuels and his no-nonsense teachings.

If you take anything away from the phenomenon that was Kevin Samuels, take away his work ethic and consistency.  He has 863 videos, most of which were made before he blew up. Take away his dedication to his message, purpose, and vision. He was in his 50s when he began his youtube career. And most importantly, take away his ability to have conversations about “taboo” topics with people from all different walks of life.

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