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The airport is a socialites playground again

Say goodbye to silent flights and hello to bustling airports

By: Iman Josey
By: Iman Josey

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Two years have passed since we could interact and have a decent conversation on a flight, and those who used to relish arriving at the airport early began to see the space as nothing more than a means to a destination. These past weeks, socialites have remembered what it was like to share a smile and connect with fellow travelers since a US Federal Judge struck down the mask mandate on April 18th. US airports and airlines welcomed the change within hours by dropping mask requirements.


This change gave travelers and those working in the business of travel the option to remove face coverings in areas of operation. While this is risky, many rejoiced. Moreover, the news was a relief for numerous people because the airport has always been a hub for casual conversations. Unlike some other public places, you speak to at least six people while moving through the airport, from the check-in counter to the gate attendants. Once you pass TSA and locate your gate, you can add little casual conversations by seeing what the airport offers outside of connecting flights and boarding lines. You’ll find everything from a church to lounges reserved for frequent fliers in airports like Hartsfield-Jackson. In hubs like Singapore Changi International, you’ll find a rooftop pool and the world’s largest indoor waterfall.

We thought you’d want to know what socialites do early at the airport, so we came up with a list of the things travelers do while waiting to board their flight. You never know who you’ll casually meet at the airport, making it a low-profile social playground.



Getting a good seat at an airport bar will place you in an oyster of others willing to engage in friendly discussion. Much like a bar anywhere else, the high countertops, shelves of spirits, and stellar bartenders create an atmosphere of positive interactions and laughter. Check your airport map to find which terminal has the best bars. On the other hand, you can yelp the bars to get a brief feel even before taking a walk to locate it.

One flew south in atlanta airport

The entrance to One Flew South. Source: One Flew South


One Flew South, located in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, is nameably one of the most upscale airport restaurants in the United States. Specializing in Japanese fare, this eatery also has a spectacular bar with craft cocktails. You can check out lists that publish the best past-time eateries domestically and abroad with a quick Google search.


While most lounges require memberships, exclusive credit cards, or first-class tickets, they yield some of the best travelers to spark up conversations with. The lounges are often highlighted for their food, drinks, showers, and workstations, although the amount of opulent passengers they host in a day is staggering. If you aren’t eligible to get into a lounge through your status or credit card, you might be able to buy your way in for a limited time if you have a ticket for the same day.


Art Installations

Most airports have art hanging on the walls as you move from terminal to terminal, but the art becomes environmental in airports like Singapore International. The Jewel, a multi-use lifestyle destination in terminal one of the Singapore Changi Airport, is a must-see for any traveler fortunate enough to fly there. It is equipped with restaurants, shopping, and beautiful indoor gardens.

Live Music

Live music times are scheduled at airports around the world. Can grab a seat and enjoy music with other music lovers. Some performers go on three-month runs, so you have plenty of time to catch shows that pique your interest. Once you plan a trip, check the airports you are traveling to and from to see if they have any live music sets that work with your flight times.

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