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8 Highly Attractive Details To Master

Being attractive comes down to delicate and unspoken details.

By: Iman Josey
By: Iman Josey

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Attraction doesn’t only exist between red lips and little black dresses. These subtle yet attractive details will not only make you more well-rounded but also allow you to attract higher-quality people and situations into your life. Before we start, I want to clarify that to attract the best; you must always be willing to become the best version of yourself. So think of being highly attractive as something that starts within and moves without. This short guide provides eight details worth mastering as a magnetic woman.


1) Punctuality

Being habitually late almost certainly won’t make you more attractive, but being on time will. Being punctual speaks volumes about who you are and how you should be treated. Moreover, plenty of women arrive unbearably late for dinner, so why not be shockingly different? Being on time also allows you to flow without any stressors, like running into unexpected traffic. Try arriving earlier than the meeting time. No one has to know you are there, but you’ll have time for that quick bathroom refresh you’ve been missing out on.

2) A Good Conversationalist

Keeping conversations flowing without force and awkward moments of silence is only sometimes a natural talent. Intentionally following along and finding ways to keep conversations flowing is a practice that can help you become a better conversationalist. Being curious, empathetic, and genuinely interested in a discussion allows the other party to develop a level of attraction to your attentiveness.

3) Organized & Tidy

Creating organizational systems will not only make you more attractive, but it will also make your life easier. There is no debating this detail. Everything in your home should have a place; just like when dealing with multiple tasks, you should create a plan to complete them. Here is your sign to declutter, build systems, and watch being organized become second nature.


4) Staying Active

The type of movement you do to stay active is optional. However, the more significant focus is ensuring you move around during the day doing something, such as walking outside to catch the sun’s rays, dancing, or taking fitness classes. Science has proven that staying active does more than make you fit. It can also raise your endorphins, which boost your mood and confidence while positively affecting your attraction levels.

5) Being Polite

Pleasant women have a way of just staying on your mind. Having qualities that make others feel pleasure through your manners, behavior, or appearance will allow them to be drawn to you. For example, in the bestselling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie stresses the importance of charming those around you. This charm is created by adding a joyous and almost radiant aura to the environment. Thus, creating an attractive detail once again.

6) Having Simplified Practices

If you have a routine that feels drawn out to the point of becoming a task, simplify it. For example, if you carry a laptop bag, a purse, and a lunch box, search for a bag system to help you consolidate. This is learning how to use the organization system to now simplify your practices. Too many tiring routines can wear you down, but simplifying them will allow more ease into your life.

7) Knowledge-Seeking

Have you ever noticed how excited some people get about teaching us things they think we don’t know? Being curious didn’t kill the cat; not asking the right questions did. Showing interest in learning new things while having child-like happiness about someone sharing the knowledge they’ve acquired is sexy. Make your questions well-rounded and leave the elementary questions for Google. Showing your love for education and philosophical thought is alluring.


8) Remembering Important Dates

Devote time and attention to recording meaningful dates that are shared with you. There is no shame in taking advantage of the opportunity to show how much you care, and this should be an easy way to flex your observant nature. When someone shares something, lean on your system to keep track using your notes, reminders, and calendar. I’m sure you’ll receive compliments about your sharp memory.

Do you have any small details that have helped to establish an undeniable attraction? If so, share them in the comments below. Haven’t joined our community yet? Follow us on Instagram @letssweettalk and add us to your favorites so you don’t miss a post.

Do you have any small details that have helped to establish an undeniable attraction? If so, share them in the comments below. Haven’t joined our community yet? Follow us on Instagram @letssweettalk, and add us to your favorites, so you don’t miss a post.

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