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Let’s Sweet Talk is a digital media and entertainment company that was built to teach, inspire, and connect women to other likeminded women around the world. Our shocking and rapid growth spread like wildfire across social media, and now our community has grown to something much bigger. From sisterhood to our own little universe, we help people from all walks of life get in touch with the best versions of themself through self-growth, dating with purpose, and creating meaningful connections.
We are an authentic and community involved brand. In our short time producing content, we’ve grown to 38 thousand engaging users across social networks. Our original and engaging content has been shared over 550,000 times. And we’ve been breaking glass ceilings to reach women that date within society declared taboos.
We are individuals that have realized the world is ours, and we will only be denied the things we think we can’t obtain. We believe in building empires that last generations, everlasting growth, and drinking our water with lemon.

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Our Objective

To create a space that inspires women to set standards, never settle, and strive to reach the best versions of themselves. To push the person we are today, into the person we want to be tomorrow.

Our Fundamentals

We are all about growth. We believe in and enjoying the never ending process of learning. We learn, then we share, so that our community stays current and enlightened.

Our Pact

To write nothing but what we truly stand by. We promise to only share with our readers what we would share with our closest friends. Why? Because it makes us happy to  positively support others around us.

Let’s Sweet Talk breaks relationship norms, pushes women to fight for their desires and, shares stories on just how to do that.

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