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We are sharing our platform with our community so that you can share your voice, insight and advice. Let’s Sweet Talk’s content is viewed on average 52 thousand times a month across our platform.

Drop us your submission in the form below. It’ll make sending over your pitch a piece of cake.

Please keep your pitch short and sweet. The pitch should be straight-forward and no longer than one paragraph. When deciding to send us your pitch be sure to consider our platform. We love sharing tips and knowledge on topics like hypergamy, femininity, dating, self-growth, mental health, women in power, and all things money. We cover far more than just these few awesome topics but we highlight these that are dear to our community.

If you are sending something you’ve already written please send us a link to a viewable Google Doc. We require a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 700 for your pitch.

To keep things authentic, all submissions will reviewed carefully by our team. Please be mindful that not all submissions will be featured on Let’s Sweet Talk but we appreciate each voice and can’t wait to hear yours.


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