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Welcome to the official home of the Freestyle Confessions, where we hope to ease the anxiety of going out and meeting people the good old-fashioned way, IRL. These stories give a first-hand look into what it’s like to enjoy an evening out on the town as a single in different cities around the world.

The Freestyle Confessions were created to inspire people to embark on journeys that could lead them to meet their forever people without all of the swiping, messaging, and deciphering bios.

Things To Know

What is Freestyling?

Freestyling was cultivated by a tight-knit community of single womxn who rediscovered how fun, empowering, and beneficial meeting men the “old-fashioned way ‘ truly’ is. It’s the act of traditionally socializing in order to meet potential partners rather than relying on over-saturated dating apps. Although, this term has now been expanded to represent people going out to meet new people, potential partners or not. Simply put, freestyling is the networking of the dating world.

What are freestyle confessions?

Our Freestyle Confessions are anonymous stories told by people like you. We share these stories to spread real experiences and inspire others to go out and meet new people.

According to a poll we conducted in 2021, 44 out of 100 women experienced anxiety when going out alone to make new friends.

Who can read these confessions?

Freestyle Confessions are exclusive content that can be viewed by any of our LST Insiders. The stories are published anonymously, so we won’t reveal any information about our confessors’ identities. Any personal information submitted by a confessor is only used internally within our LST database.

Tips for tracking and sharing a confession:

To produce a great Freestyle Confession we would like you to treat it like a detailed diary entry. You should describe what you did with your day to prepare for your freestyling. 

We want to know the places you went, what drinks you drank, what meals you ate (and how much everything was (even if they were free!). We definitely want to hear about any interactions you have during your freestyle. Please try to keep your Freestyle Confessions between 1,500-2,500 words.

How do You choose which confessions to share?

We consider the confessor’s income, occupation, and location; the level of honesty, coherence, and quality of the writing; and timeliness. We do ask for pronouns to ensure proper use, but we do not ask about our confessors’ races, ethnicities, or sexual orientations unless they choose to disclose that information in their entries. We try our best to represent the experiences of all diarists to the best of our ability.

Submission of your Freestyle Confession does not guarantee publication by Let’s Sweet Talk. Should your Freestyle Confession be selected for publication, Let’s Sweet Talk may, in its sole discretion, elect to pay you a fee, subject to such further terms and conditions as Let’s Sweet Talk may deem necessary. Freestyle Confessions that are not published are not entitled to receive any payment. Let’s Sweet Talk will not remove Freestyle Confessions by request once published. By submitting your Freestyle Confession to Let’s Sweet Talk, you agree to abide and be bound by the applicable Terms of Use and Privacy Policy linked here.

How do I submit my freestyle confession?

Just track your evening and send it over to us to read using the form below. We love a genuine story so no need to fluff or hide anything in your confession. Just be true to you and share you experience with us.

You will be contacted if your confession is chosen for publication. In order to keep to a timely publishing schedule, we require a response within 48 hours.

We recommend reading over our LST Freestyle Confessions FAQ.

If you have any questions not answered in the above link, ideas, or general feedback you may email us at

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