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What is The Law of Polarity And 5 Ways to Use it for Seduction

The law of polarity tells us that — everything naturally has an equally powerful opponent. 

By: N'diah Love
By: N'diah Love

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The Law of Polarity is 1 of 7 Natural Laws of the Universe. It is based upon the notion that everything has two “poles” or two components. Think of it in terms of Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Matter and Thought. One cannot exist without the other; therefore, they are each other’s “complement.”

Within a relationship dynamic, applying this law will evoke opposing energies. Evoking an opposing (but complementary) energy will increase sexual tension, creating the perfect environment for seduction.


Disclaimer: Ladies, these tips will only work on a man who operates in his masculine. Is he a natural leader and provider? Successful and hardworking? Goal-oriented and protective? If your suitor moves in his masculine, learn some of my tried and true seduction techniques 😈 based on the Law of Polarity.

Lean Back

This tip is a little advanced because it can be counterintuitive; however, when you’re around your man, try not to lean forward. Masculine energy is penetrating and action-oriented, while feminine energy is receptive and open. The goal is to lean back, yet to remain responsive and warm. This will take some practice to perfect, but it works like a charm!

The next time you’re on a date, try leaning back a little bit and watch how he comes toward you. When he does, reward him with some affection and then back off again. By the end of the night, you’ll notice he’s moved in closer and closer, ready to pounce.



Masculine energy is about doing, while feminine energy is about being, and while the masculine is rooted in the mind, feminine energy is rooted in the body. When a woman has dropped into her body, she becomes aware. This consciousness breeds a sensuality that is highly attractive to men and everyone else. You immediately seem more radiant, irresistible, and attractive. Yoga and dance are fantastic ways to “drop in.” I have a dancing pole in my living room that I use to get out of my head, into my body, and feel sexy af.

Choose one (or five)

Agarwood, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Caramel, Grapefruit 😍. Choosing a fragrance is like choosing a weapon. It has to fit your personality, price range, and purpose. That way, when you choose the right one, it won’t fail you. You will get asked a million times “What are you wearing?!”, and your man will slowly become obsessed with your scent. He will begin to relate the perfume you choose to your presence and miss it when it’s gone. A key to choosing your perfect fragrance is to grab a couple of samples during your next mall run and test them out over a short period. Observe the responses from those around you and remember which ones attract people closer to you.



Yes, babe, you are naturally beautiful, and he should love your bare face. Hear me out, though; most, if not all, masculine men choose not to wear makeup. Therefore, wearing makeup highlights your femininity. It polarizes you and allows you to bring your favorite features to the forefront: your seductive cat eyes, juicy lips, and youthful cheeks. Trust me, no matter what he says, he loves to see you dolled up, and he visually prefers it.

Dress up

There is something about how a dress frames a woman’s silhouette that brings a man to heel. There is a dress for every shape, preference, and price range, so there isn’t much of an excuse. I have nothing more to add to this tip besides the reminder to wear one and wear it as often as possible.

What I love about these tips is that you can choose one or a few and test them out. When you find your sweet spot, stick to it, and watch how masculine men respond to you. It’s incredible how these little tricks yield excellent results.

Let me know how it goes,

 Xo 💋 

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